Justin Cooper is a visual artist currently living and working in New York. In 2002, he studied at the Maison Des Etudiants through the Sorbonne, Paris. Cooper received his BFA the following year from The University of Colorado and his MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2005.

Cooper’s work exists in a space between art and design, with a formal sensibility and a whimsical dialogue. Lines– the ways they delineate, create thresholds and cause thin spaces where things can exist and be indefinable for a brief moment before crossing over; Cooper's work is located in these liminal spaces and positions, dangling precariously between the hinged and unhinged.  A relentless cross-pollination of media within his practice marks a restless search for these lines in both formal and conceptual manifestations. Whether drawn, spoken, or objectified, the lines contain an energy that is both earnest and utterly deadpan. Mundane materials carve out a straight-faced existence alongside notions of the sublime, both effectively canceling out the other.  Fascinated by the incongruent causing a mental misfire, a visual glitch, or a double-take, he seeks to visually represent the energy that is created in these situations.