Star Parade and spiritual wounds at Karlaplan

Karolina Modig, Art Notes, September 30, 2022

There is an apartment on the ground floor of a grand house in one corner of Karlaplan on Östermalm in Stockholm. Gallerist Eva Livijn lives in the apartment, whose gallery has been integrated right there for a few years, in the apartment in the house on Karlaplan. Here, in recent years, in her home – bedroom, kitchen and toilet included – she has shown attention-grabbing and fantastic artists such as Swedish Natalie Djurberg and Hans Berg, Danish Jeannette Ehlers and Swedish Olle Norås.

On September 30, it was time for a new exhibition to open, perhaps the most lavish and in many ways the most impressive to date. The exhibition Rock My Soul II (Stockholm) is a continuation of Rock My Soul , which was shown at the London-based art gallery Victoria Miro Gallery in autumn 2019. Rock My Soulwas curated by Isaac Julien, who has been able to call himself Sir Isaac Julien for a short time now - he was recently knighted in his home country of Great Britain for his works in art. Julien, who is an artist, filmmaker, curator and professor, has gained international attention primarily for his films and video art installations, many of which deal with black and gay identity, issues of class, sexuality, artistic history and cultural history.