The Academy of Fine Arts and the City international nominate 8 laureates

Moss, Alison, Le Quotidien De L'Art, September 26, 2022

This is the first promotion of winners of the program of residences launched in April by the Academy of Fine Arts and the Cité International Arts Festival 2022-2023. Deployed on both sites of the Cité internationale des arts, the residences welcome from this month of September visual artists in the field of "Arts visuals” (4 simultaneous residencies of 10 months on the site of Montmartre), “Choreography” (2 consecutive residencies of 5 months on the Marais site) and “Architecture and landscape” (2 consecutive residencies of 5 months on the Marais site). The winners are awarded a scholarship of 1500 euros per month and 5000 euros in production costs, in addition to the financing of their rent and will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with others programs of the Cité internationale des arts and the program Art Explora. Eight artists were selected out of the 411 files received at the end of May by a multidisciplinary jury composed of members of both institutions, ensuring the diversity of geographical origins but also to the quality of their work. "If the projects presented by the artists are obviously important, we have paid particular attention to their work in order to evaluate their course," says Laurent Petitgirard, permanent secretary.


The "Visual Arts" section thus rewards the French My-Lan Hoang-Thuy who will benefit from his first personal exhibition in an institution at the MEP in 2023 and Frédéric Malette, whose drawings capture figures from our cultural history contemporary; the American Jake Troyli, whose painting often absurd and humorous is influenced by the artists of the Northern Renaissance, and the Cameroonian Ludovic Nkoth, who tackles exclusion and migration in his paintings transatlantic, based in particular on its own expatriation to the United States at the age of 13.


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