Alexa Horochowski: Winter Wonderland

7 February - 15 March 2003

Born in Argentina, Alexa Horochowski (pronounced Hor-oh-HOE-ski) creates installations combining photography, video, murals, and sculpture that explore the dichotomy of her Latin roots and her Midwestern identity — she has been living and working in Minneapolis since 1999. Her playful, often self-mocking, sometimes saucy, and always provocative work had landed her in a series of impressive exhibitions over the past year.


Winter Wonderland is an installation that includes a series of large-scale color photographic portraits (like the self-portrait above subtitled “Snowbound”) depict the exotic and rebellious spirit necessary in the survival/enjoyment of a Midwestern winter along with “tragic dioramas” sculpted in footstool form, photo murals, wood paneling and faux fur. She has had solo shows at the Soap Factory and Franklin Art Works in Minneapolis and was recently in the Big and Beautiful drawing show at Artspace in Kansas City alongside Louise Bourgeois, Julie Moos, Kara Walker, & Andrea Zittel. She’ll have her first solo show in Argentina this March at Braga Menendez/Schuster in Buenos Aires. Horochowski has both a BA and Journalism degree from University of Missouri and an MFA from University of Michigan (1996).