Gabert Farrar: New Paintings

13 October 2002

For his first solo project Farrar will exhibit new paintings continuing an exploration of perception through architectural street scenes. The highly-charged palette and hard-edged forms remain accompanied by an exciting shift toward the organic. A shift which can be attributed to the actual use of source material — the artist’s own photos of desolate urban landscapes taken in Chicago and Miami. Farrar maintains an “interest in making images that are several times removed from their actual subject matter, thereby creating a certain tension between formal elements and the image of these formal elements.” This evolution is evident in the series of drawings that will also be on view alongside Farrar’s new paintings that vacillate between reality and the idea of the real. Gabert Farrar was born in 1972 in East Lansing, Michigan; received his BFA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1994; and currently lives and works in Chicago. His work was first exhibited publicly in HOMEWRECKER moniquemeloche gallery’s inaugural show and a collaborative project withwriter Greg Purcell titled “Adult Material” at TBA Exhibition Space last year.