Joel Ross: I Borrowed My Mother’s Bedroom

4 May - 9 June 2001

Driven by fictional characters and an interest in deconstruction, Ross often embarks on a journey to begin a piece.  The resulting artwork is the documentation of those interactions, endurance tests, and misguided passions.


He has dismantled a motel room and packed it into fifty suitcases (Room 28,1997); crossed the entire state of Texas on highway 10 stopping to photograph each of the 880 mile markers along the way (Measuring Texas, 1998/99); pretended to be the loser in some imagined shootout (Playing Dead, 2000); and made repeated visits casing the lobby of a bank for a recent series of drawings.


In the new installation I Borrowed My Mother’s Bedroom Ross has traveled to ask a favor and returned with evidence of that favor granted.  He places himself in yet another personally precarious situation to present a meticulously rendered portrait.