Karen Reimer: Geometry in Outer Space or Heaven

11 April - 30 May 2015

As with all her work, Reimer begins with a strict set of rules. Here she pairs swatches of fabric with drawings of three-dimensional geometric solids. Shapes and patterns in the fabric dictate where it meets the geometric form. The excess fabric left floating outside the lines is covered in gold leaf. This “golden repair” is a reference to the Japanese tradition of Kintsukuroi: a tradition of repairing ceramics with a compound made from lacquer dusted with powdered gold, in order to highlight the damage rather than obscure it. This gesture harkens back to Reimer’s coveted Contingent Solutions series (1996-1999) of broken and mended dishware.


The overall effect of Reimer’s conceptual technique creates an optical dissonance, where our mind oscillates between the fullness of the object and the flatness of the fabric. Ultimately, her work inhabits the gap between experience and representation, the slippage between the knowledge we gain through our bodies and codification of this knowledge in our languages of visual representation.