A New Look

8 April - 3 June 2017

A New Look presents a selection of artists working within the realm of figuration today, employing this fundamental aesthetic notion as a lens through which to explore their different formal and conceptual concerns. Rather than offering an exhaustive survey, the exhibition puts forth a discrete and enriching view into the compelling variation of contemporary artistic practices. 


From photorealist collage to life drawing, crocheting to expressive painterly gestures, the artists in this exhibition demonstrate a fascinating formal spectrum, and all use the bodily form to explore their diverse and unique modes of creative expression.


Two group shows at the gallery – Look at Me Now! (2015) and How Do I Look? (2007) – precede this one as curatorial explorations of the figure; what sets A New Look apart is the current political climate, which serves as a menacing affront to all bodies. This threat only emphasizes the need to amplify and celebrate the plurality of creative voices presented here. For this reason, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood, an organization that defends our bodies and our freedoms.