Carrie Schneider: Moon Drawings

11 November 2017 - 13 January 2018

Time, seriality, and chance are forces previously harnessed by Schneider in past series such as Reading Women and Burning House. Echoing the experiments of early photographic pioneers, Schneider returns to these primordial interests in the Moon Drawings, pushing them to a quiet extreme. Enacting the solitary pursuit of moon-gazing – a wholly human activity of awe, spiritual exploration, and scientific inquiry that spans millennia – Schneider captures the moon’s natural system as activated by time. At once a document of Schneider’s experience of the process, and an imperfect testament to lunar movement, the Moon Drawings invite and disrupt concrete knowing. Schneider thus reveals the fundamental tension at the heart of her chosen medium, with the loaded figure of the moon as a weighty, wondrous subject and accomplice.