Karl Haendel & Walead Beshty, Sheree Hovsepian, and Barbara Kasten

20 March - 15 May 2010

In the “Plug-n-Play” series, Haendel and Beshty collaborate to make photo/spray enamel/inkjet collages. Beshty’s underlying photographic print tracks the process of exposing light sensitive photographic paper. On top of this base, Haendel places what appears to be an abstract photographic image but is instead unique spay enamel on paper mimicking the photographic look. Then, completely blurring medium-specific imagery, the artists together create an inkjet image, at once a photo and a painting.


Hovsepian pushes photography’s definition with digital manipulation and added sculptural elements. The artist photographs light emitted through holes punched in black paper. The resultant image is then mirrored and enlarged digitally before printing. On top of this meticulously created image, the artist adds the unique elements of string and graphite: the white and red string wound around nails echoes the photo’s tight, controlled composition while the silver graphite on the black matte paper brings a free, emotive quality to work.


Kasten, perhaps the most “traditional” of the three artists, begins by building sculptures of Plexiglas for her “Studio Constructs” series. Plexiglas, a protective material typically used to glaze photographs, by purpose is not meant to have any visual affect. But, by manipulating light and the transparent material, Kasten’s enlarged images are filled with tension and contrast as well as subtle tonal differences. She poetically creates and captures a representational value that never existed.