Winter Experiment: I need something for over my sofa

12 December 2003 - 24 January 2004
Dec 12 - 31, 2003 curated by Monique Meloche (Arocha, Davis/Langlois, Dzine, Letinsky, Mosquera, Patch, Presicce) Jan 9 - 24, 2004 curated by Douglas Levine (Baldwin, John White C, Davis/Langlois, Dzine, Letinsky, Patch, Ruttan)
Please join us for "I need something for over my sofa", a group exhibition exploring the boundaries of the space above and around the sofa. While the sofas remain constant, the show is curated in 2 phases: first by Monique Meloche from Dec 12 -31 and second by furniture/interior designer Douglas Levine Jan 9-24 selecting artwork from moniquemeloche gallery artists.
SOFAs generously provided by:
Casati Gallery
Gary Lee Partners
HiLo design
Orange Skin
Salvage One
Richard Wright