Mixer 03

10 July - 30 August 2003

Something literally is in the air — and it’s not just the pigeons lurking around the meat packers across the street, so please join us for this ornithological group show featuring: 

asianpunkboy’s owl with bombastic diamond eyes whose aesthetic equilibrium lies between frail beauty and virtual banal kitsch; Craven’s rococo bird paintings, which seem like greeting card fodder on the surface, are so richly painted and resonate with honesty; Fernandez altered taxidermic birds and branches that James Scarborough referred to as the sculptural equivalent to Lon Chaney’s metamorphosis into the Wolf Man; Hall/Moline’s large-scale laser and ink-jet prints of baby birds that challenges the architectural space of the gallery and its environs;  Horochowski’s sexually precocious, coloring-book style painting of cowgirls with birds; Hundere’s Ornithomancy, a video animation of a sky filled with Taschen 747 airplanes set in motion by birds in flight; Loehr’s opening night performance and resulting installation continuing her exploration of her grandfather’s slides birds of Florida; Patch’s Birds painting adapted from a 1960s vintage amateur photography magazine; and Wilson’s subtle, abstract Aviary drawings and paintings inspired by her recent stay in London.