Maia Cruz Palileo: Collectors Lisa Young and Steven Abraham Are Building Community with Asian Diasporic Artists

Harley Wong, Artsy, October 28, 2020
Whereas private collections have historically lacked transparency, Young and Abraham are eager to highlight their artworks. They built a dedicated website to offer more information on the artists they admire. “It was such a bizarre concept to me that people acquired things and hid them away in a dark corner where no one else saw it,” Young said. “These are narratives and people who need to be heard, and so how loud is that voice if it’s just in our apartment?”
With this in mind, the couple also loans out works from their collection to exhibitions around the world. Fung’s Matrilineality is currently on view in “Friends and Friends of Friends: Artistic Communities in the Age of Social Media” at Schlossmuseum in Austria, and  Maia Cruz Palileo’s Afterward (2019) is featured in “RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting” at the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art in Montreal.