Artists Rashid Johnson And Viktor Timofeev Share Insights Into The Power Of Drawing, Highlighted In Comprehensive New Bo

Natasha Gural, Forbes, February 4, 2021

“As an interdisciplinary artist thinking about drawing, one of the aspects of my kind of post-medium relationship to art is that I really do appreciate each and every approach to art making within the context of its autonomy,” Rashid Johnson, a New York-based, Chicago-born African-American conceptual artist, told me during a Zoom interview. “Drawing for me is drawing, and I love it and appreciate it in that space. I feel similarly about filmmaking, painting, sculpture, performance, picture making, and photography. All of these spaces have an autonomy, they don't meld together for me, necessarily. I really see them as individual pursuits that I tackle, instead of considering them kind of an amalgamated strategy.”