"My Voice is Art:" Arvie Smith's Work Explores Social and Racial Injustices in America

Okla Jones, Essence, October 31, 2023

Presented by Monique Meloche, Smith's new painting can be seen at the ADAA Art Show in NYC's Park Avenue Armory from November 1-5.


Art is something that has always been a part of Arvie Smith’s life. Growing up in the deep South – Texas, to be exact – he was exposed to the arts through his grandparents, who were both educators. With supplies and books constantly at arms reach, it was only natural that Smith gravitated to it at some point. As he began to draw more, he fell in love with the creative process.


“I was really fascinated that I could make things look like real things,” Smith says. “So, that’s how I got started.” He would go on to sketch life observations, paintings from people such as Michelangelo, and more. But at the time, he didn’t feel that what he was doing was considered “art” – that was something designated for “white people,” he tells ESSENCE.


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