The Significance of Domestic Labor

Elizabeth Hazard, Cultbytes, August 8, 2023

In response to the current political climate, 601Artspace, situated in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, presents a distinctive outlook on domestic labor through its exhibition: Invisible Hands. This group exhibition highlights the theme of domestic labor, as interpreted by various artists. Curated by Emireth Herrera Valdés, this show features the works of ten artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Whether they are descendants of migrant domestic laborers or have personally engaged in domestic labor, each artist contributes a unique perspective through socially engaged projects, sculptures, installations, performances, photography, and paintings.


The exhibition showcases an array of works by Abang-guard (Jevijoe Vitug+Maureen Catbagan), Margarita Cabrera, Brendan Fernandes, Jay Lynn Gomez, Zac Hacmon, Jamie Martinez, Patrick Martinez, Dulce Pinzón, Hernando Restrepo, Luis Alvaro Sahagun, and Betty Yu. Together, these artists examine a theme that is often deemed taboo in our contemporary society. Through their art, they explore and confront domestic labor, emphasizing its significance within the broader context of issues such as immigration, labor rights, activism, resilience, and resistance.


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