6 Rising artists We Discovered in Galleries' Summer Group Shows

Artsy Editorial, Artsy, August 18, 2023

It’s summer, and the art world is in the midst of its annual slowdown, with many galleries taking a well-earned rest from the deluge of fairs and exhibitions that fill the calendar during the rest of the year. But even so, most galleries’ walls are far from bare: June, July, and August are the months when many galleries curate group exhibitions where new work from artists on the rise tends to be out in force.

From art world hubs like London and New York to more far-flung art outposts, galleries take the opportunity to showcase the full range of their rosters, as well as new and not-yet-well-known talents. As such, it’s a great time for collectors (and Artsy’s team, for that matter) to be discovering new artists, who are not yet having solo shows or only just started.

Here, we’re sharing a selection of artists from this summer’s group shows who made an impression on us.


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