NYBG'S new thought-provoking exhibit combines sculpture and horticulture

Rossilynne Skena Culgan, Time Out, May 24, 2023

Gardens tend to attract the most attention when they’re in full bloom, fragrant and colorful. They don’t garner much adoration when they’re dormant or decaying. But all of these cycles are an important part of life, as artist Ebony G. Patterson explores in a powerful new exhibition at New York Botanical Garden. 


Iridescent vulture sculptures, glass re-creations of extinct plants and collages inspired by gardening books are now on view as part of her exhibit titled "... things come to thrive ... in the shedding ... in the molting ..." It's on view from Saturday, May 27 through Sunday, September 17. Here's what to expect at this thought-provoking show. 


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