A Deceptively Beautiful Tapestry About Mourning

Lovia Gyarkye, The New York Times Style Magazine, May 21, 2021

Name: Ebony G. Patterson

Age: 40

Based in: Chicago and Kingston, Jamaica

Originally from: Kingston, Jamaica


Where and when did you make this work? The images were shot in the summer of 2019 in Kingston, and I assembled the piece in my studio in Chicago throughout 2020. After I take and edit the photos, I send them to a commercial weaver who works them into the tapestry. When it comes back to me, I stiffen the fabric by coating the back with glue and gel. Then, I start décollaging, cutting parts of the tapestry out and determining the initial form. After that, I collage — adding fabrics, embellishments, trims and glitter.


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