An Ambitious Whitney Exhibition Charts Puerto Rican Artists’ Resilience Following Hurricane Maria

Maximiliano Duron, ARTnews, April 21, 2023

To add the prefix post- to a word typically implies a clear, resolute ending to something that has already occurred. Yet when something like it appears in the title of the Whitney Museum’s landmark exhibition “no existe un mundo poshuracán: Puerto Rican Art in the Wake of Hurricane Maria,” which closes Sunday, it refers to an event that is unfinished and still unfolding.


The exhibition takes its title from a line in the Raquel Salas Rivera’s poetry collection, While They Sleep: Under the Bed Is Another Country (2019), which consists of short, fragmented poems that begin in English and end in Spanish via corresponding footnotes:


the airlines offer tickets for $50
if you wanted to leave home

20no existe un mundo poshuracán


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