Top 5 Booths at Expo Chicago 2023

JACQUELINE WAYNEGUITE, Newcity Art, April 14, 2023

With arguably the best roster of artists in Chicago, it’s hard to overlook Monique Meloche Gallery. Every time I visited this booth, it was packed with people, even when security tried to shepherd people to the exits. Ebony G. Patterson’s vivid installation gets a starring role as the booth’s centerpiece.The works by eighteen artists are true gems and showcase the strength of the gallery’s program. You’ll see two Cheryl Pope needle-punched pieces, a Sanford Biggers antique quilt wall sculpture, a delicate hand-cut paper piece by Antonius-Tín Bui, two playful portraits by Jake Troyli, an enigmatic painting of a person and a snow leopard by Lavar Munroe and a mixed-media work by Nate Young featuring a graphite drawing and the hologram of a horse bone. I could go on. This booth deserves a long visit because there’s so much to see and, most likely, a lot of people to navigate around.


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