In Milan, the premire of the American artist David Antonio Cruz: Between Fashion, Art History, Gender, and Racial Issues

Caroline Belfiore, ArtsLife, March 16, 2023

So you are back again, you are here, and we are here with you. The American artist David Antonio Cruz (b. 1974, USA) arrives in Milan. Where? At Galleria Poggiali, in Foro Bonaparte. With his works, David Antonio Cruz explores gender and queerness, racial issues, the conception of public and private spaces and the invisibility of Brown / Black bodies through the use of portraiture and operatic performance.

so you are back again, you are here, and we are here with you, presents an intimate visual conversation of love, support and comfort that binds the artist to Daniel de Jesús, central figure of his poetics and collaborator of him from the start. Personal, biographical and political, Cruz's works engage with the struggles imposed on queer people and Brown/Black bodies, offering powerful representations of authenticity as a form of resilience. so you are back again stands as an extension of the 2021 exhibition icutfromtehmiddletogetabetterslice, which explored the idea of “chosen family”: the non-biological bonds between queer people based on mutual support and love. Each painting depicts the likeness of the artist's community.


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