Latinx Abstract: New Exhibition At Bric

Constanza Falco Raez, Flaunt Magazine, March 3, 2023

Latinx Abstract, the new exhibition opening at BRIC in Fort Greene, Brooklyn on Thursday, will be BRIC's most important exhibition of 2021. Challenging the established history of abstract art in the United States, the exhibition finally voices the contributions of Latinx artists.


“There is a substantial number of Latinx artists committed to abstraction and Latinx artists have a long history working with this genre, but their work has not been well contextualized nor has it received the level of recognition it deserves. The artists featured in Latinx Abstract deploy forms of abstraction to consider issues ranging from race and gender to the legacy of colonization in the Americas to scientific knowledge, both contemporary and ancient. In their hands, abstraction is a powerful and highly relevant visual language, one that can speak to personal, social, and political issues.” - BRIC’s Chief Curator, Elizabeth Ferrer, author of Latinx Photography in the United States: A Visual History.


The work—compelling in its own right—is an expansion of the possibilities for abstraction.


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