The Best Booths at LA’s Felix Art Fair, From Biting Art World Commentary to Innovative Approaches to Textiles

Maximilíano Durón, ARTnews, February 16, 2023

Since it took up residence at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel five years ago, Felix LA has always been the scrappy companion to Frieze Los Angeles. When Frieze announced that it would move to Santa Monica, Felix doubled down on staying in Hollywood, opting instead to open a day earlier than Frieze—an acknowledgement that no sane person would try to make the drive between the two locales in one day.


Unfortunately, that translated to a more crowded affair than past editions. (This is Felix’s fifth.) The death-by-slow-elevator effect was still felt this year, only in a more intensified form due to the amount of people there.


Still, great art abounds in this tight, curated affair. In addition to the expected paintings and sculptures, textile-based works is present this time around in abundance, reflecting a trend felt throughout the art world as of late.


Below a look at the best booths at Felix LA.


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