Leisure, Adornment, and Beauty Are Radical Acts in “Resting Our Eyes”

Allison Schaller, Vanity Fair, January 20, 2023

The ICA San Francisco 2023 is beginning their year with “Resting Our Eyes,” a multimedia show that positions Black leisure, adornment, and beauty as radical and necessary acts. The show, cocurated by Tahirah Rasheed and Autumn Breon includes works from Carrie Mae Weems, Mickalene Thomas, Leila Weefur, Hank Willis Thomas, and Simone Leigh among many others opens to the public on January 21.


Breon’s and Rasheed’s mutual respect and admiration was palpable during our conversation, with both citing the other as a source of inspiration for “Resting Our Eyes.” “I think that our approach is very Black feminist. It's not just the objects that we were choosing that were influenced by Black feminism, but also how we show up for each other, with each other, how we work together, the types of standards that we try to lead with, and approaches and practices. I think that was also very abolitionist and very Black feminists in nature, which makes sense. If we’re saying we're organizing towards this world and this is what we have organized our lives around, these nonnegotiables, it's not just in the objects that we choose and the work that we create, but how we work together, which is why I think it was so organic for us to work with each other,” Breon said.



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