Mural in Rosemont Mall Brings 'Bold, Evocative New Life' to Old Painting

Christopher Placek, Daily Hearld, January 6, 2023

A two-story mural was installed this week at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago -- the latest piece in the Rosemont mall's contemporary art program.


The abstract mural -- titled "zip me up" -- by Puerto Rican-American artist Candida Alvarez is above and around the elevator and stairwell doors on level two of the indoor shopping center.


"Much like clothes in the closet that we love and pull out to wear from time to time, 'zip me up' is a return to, and remix of, an earlier painting of a dahlia flower that lived on a Chicago rooftop," Alvarez said in an announcement.


"This commission by Fashion Outlets of Chicago was a wonderful opportunity to dive back into my own archive and remix this painting to give it a bold, evocative new life."