Asian American artists resurface in Santa Ana’s ‘Yellow Submarine Rising’

Sarah Mosqueda, Daily Pilot, LA Times, December 1, 2022

The Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Assn. was founded in 1991 by Vietnamese American journalists, artists and members of the community to make space for artists to express themselves as a newly resettled immigrant community. “Yellow Submarine Rising” is the last project of the yearlong celebration of the organization’s 30th anniversary.


The opening-night reception will feature poetry and spoken-word performances by Asian American artists. On Dec. 10, a children’s book reading will take place from 1 to 3 p.m. and include family-friendly crafts. The show closes on Dec. 17 with a special appearance by renowned photographer and artist Binh Danh.


The exhibition showcases the work of Danh, along with other contemporary artists like Antonius-Tin Bui, Alison Ho, Bonnie Huang, Alina Kawai, Victo Ngai and Jave Yoshimoto. The space is divided into sections by themes laid out in a circle so that no matter which direction visitors start viewing the show, they will always end up at the same place.