Cheryl Pope on love, representation and the comfort of textile art

Victoria Stapley-Brown, The Art Newspaper, June 11, 2019

The artist Cheryl Pope says her work has always dealt with vulnerability. But the New York-based artist has taken this to a personal level for the first time by placing her own body in her work. The new series of semi-nudes showing Pope and her partner made with wool roving is now on view in her hometown of Chicago, in the solo show Basking Never Hurt No One at Monique Meloche Gallery (until 17 August).

“It’s a direct reflection of my immediate life,” Pope says. “It’s really about my responding to what it has been to be in a biracial relationship, how that is moving through the world—the vulnerability of it,” Pope says. 

“Story is really being celebrated right now [in art], and I’m trying to move within the space between abstraction and narrative,” Pope says. “Too tight of a story remains only my story; if it could be a bit abstract or looser, it could become a story that many people can connect with.”


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