Filling the Void: A Review of David Antonio Cruz at Monique Meloche

Caira Moreira-Brown, Newcity Art, December 13, 2021

David Antonio Cruz continues to explore personal narratives and the psyche in his work through his second exhibition with Monique Meloche Gallery. In “icutfromthemiddletogetabetterslice,” Cruz surveys how relationships and connection can transcend biology.  In “I’MAWARETHATYOUAREWATCHINGME,IDIDWHATIHADTODOTOSAVEUS,” a man is placed in the center of the canvas. In his lap are framed pictures of people. A blanket wrapped around him resembles an oversized hand on his shoulder. The familiarity of the people in the images extends beyond their frames, encapsulating the main figure’s body through the comfort of a blanket.

The background and foreground of the painting mesh, speaking to the larger concept at hand, intentional placement. Cruz makes intentional the placement between the figures to express a bond that is not blood but comes from belonging. Each painting depicts a community but also explores how a community can be different.