FIELD TRIP: Art in Chicago

Christina Nafziger, Create! Magazine , April 26, 2021

Ebony G. Patterson: she is a land…she is the mourning…
Monique Meloche Gallery

Monique Meloche Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new large-scale tapestries and hand-cut paper works by Ebony G. Patterson. Emerging from the framework of her immersive post-colonial garden-like installations, Patterson’s recent practice further considers the rich, expansive possibilities of the garden – a space for life and death, a complex entanglement of race, gender, class, and violence. Patterson’s work in the show is layered and intricate almost beyond belief. The excess and sheer quantity of bead work, glitter, and other unconventional materials leaves the viewer mesmerized and in awe of the artist’s skill. The detailed textures within this show all encompassing—and it screams to be seen in person. This is NOT a show to miss! The exhibition runs from April 24 - June 12, 2021.