Sanford Biggers: 'CONTRA/DICTION' a solo exhibition Walter O. Evans Center for African American Studies at SCAD Museum of Art

February 23 - August 15, 2021

SCAD deFINE ART 2021 honoree Sanford Biggers’ solo exhibition at the Walter O. Evans Center for African American Studies functions as a selective survey, bringing together an array of works that spans the past 20 years of the artist’s prolific practice. Biggers’ work is conceived through a cleaving of references from myriad domains including European Modernism, Dada, abstraction, traditional African sculpture, Buddhism, and American history vis-à-vis The Underground Railroad and the Black Power movement, which all coalesce within the artist’s own intricate aesthetic imaginings. Beyond its compelling visual potency, Biggers’ work is a visceral experience that signals a clarion call for our need to actively combat the legally condoned racism that continues to threaten the lives of Black Americans. The artist’s creations are loaded with symbolic inferences steeped in sociopolitical information, although they remain at the will of his creative subjectivity. Biggers communicates feeling rather than a fidelity to history, combining a trove of narratives to form a vision of human experience.


In conjunction with this comprehensive exhibition, the artist will give the deFINE ART 2021 keynote lecture.

February 23, 2021