Cheryl Pope: Sustainable Societies for the Future at Malmö Art Museum

February 1 - May 23, 2021

How do we create new ideas and actions for a sustainable world? How can art promote change work and adaptation to a more sustainable way of life?


The exhibition Sustainable Societies for the Future is based on one of the most complex and urgent challenges of our time - to create safe, inclusive and sustainable societies. The exhibition features 24 artists and artist groups with works that encourage dialogue and commitment to locally and globally important sustainability issues. From photography and video work to sculpture and performance.


The exhibition highlights three dimensions of sustainability - the ecological, the social and the economic perspectives - to show how the different parts interact with each other. How do we manage the ecosystem in a fair and long-term way? How can we create a society where human rights are respected? And how do we ensure that the basic needs of the earth's limited resources are met, without any negative consequences for humans, plants, animals or the planet?


The artists in the exhibition come from the Nordic countries and the USA. Together they lead a dialogue about how art can inspire social commitment for a better common future by creating new ways of seeing, thinking, believing and acting.

February 1, 2021