Ebony G. Patterson: ..when the cuts erupt...the garden rings...and the warning is a wailing... at The ICA San Jose

March 20 – September 5, 2021

The exhibition …when the cuts erupt…the garden rings…and the warning is a wailing…, will travel to the ICA San José from the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. The exhibition features a large-scale, five-panel work displayed with custom wallpaper, a sculptural and tapestry installation and two large works on paper hung as a diptych. Get an exclusive first look by joining us Friday, March 19th at 12PM PST for a virtual sneak peek walk-through of the exhibition.


The ICA will augment the exhibition with additional works by Patterson showing the development of the garden motif throughout her career. Patterson has long been fascinated by the garden and its metaphorical possibilities. The garden is a “postcolonial” symbol in her work, where the invisible remnants of violent histories interrupt visible space. The garden offers many rich possibilities for interpretation – life and death, transplanting and notions of “native” vs “foreign,” beauty, danger, wealth, and sin.


Beginning with trees and plants amongst portraits and figurative work, the garden started as a background element which over the past eight years has developed into a focal point of Patterson’s work. This exhibition will introduce the ICA San José audience to a range of Patterson’s work in a variety of medium, including cut paper, tapestry, mixed media, photocollage, and sculpture.


Ebony G. Patterson: when the cuts erupt…the garden rings…and the warning is a wailing… is generously sponsored by Lead Sponsors to the exhibition Pamela and David Hornik, along with Exhibition Sponsors Martin Fox and John Green and Pete Scantland. Meaningful support is provided by Exhibition Partners Wayee Chu and Ethan Beard, Brook Hartzell and Tad Freese, Wanda Kownacki, and Monique Meloche Gallery.

March 20, 2021