Brendan Fernandes: Portals: A Solo Until We Can Dance Again

11 June - 31 December 2021

"Imagine/ Without Fear/ What is Tomorrow?"



A Solo Until We Can Dance Again is part of the group exhibition Portals at The Neon Foundation in  Athens, Greece. 


59 artists from 27 countries including 15 new site-specific works commissioned by NEON will be featured in the group exhibition Portals, opening on 11 June in the renovated spaces of the former Public Tobacco Factory - Hellenic Parliament Library & Printing House, as part of the collaboration between the Hellenic Parliament and NEON.


A Solo Until We Can Dance Again (2021) is a new commission for Portals. At the crossroads of the social and political repercussions of the pandemic, the work deals with the human need for communication, contact and intimacy.


Fernandes' Solo regenerates the courtyard area of the former Public Tobacco Factory. Scaffolding and ballet barres surround three elevated pedestals. For the duration of the exhibition visitors will be able to access these platforms/dance floors and write their answers to the question: 'Imagine/Without Fear/What Is Tomorrow?' on them. Through these inscriptions, the pedestals will become memorials-places to leave behind trauma, struggle and difficulty. 


At scheduled times, a dancer will activate the platforms with an improvisational choreography based on the public responses. They will read and incorporate a selection of the texts into a solo dance. In this way, the dancer will embody a 'living monument'. They will transmit the ideas and experiences left by the public until the day comes when we can all celebrate and dance together again without worry or fear.