Independent New York 2020: A solo presentation by Candida Alvarez

5 - 8 March 2020

Inspired by materials from her immediate world and everyday experiences, as well as her Puerto Rican heritage, artist Candida Alvarez (b. 1955 in Brooklyn, NY) utilizes personal knowledge to build magical dimensions and containers for visual form. For Monique Meloche Gallery’s second presentation at Independent, Alvarez investigates the intrinsic desire for a method of communication that transcends the written word, a unique visual dialogue representative of her distinct viewpoint and history. This exhibition marks the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York since her 1992 show at the Bronx Museum.

These latest paintings are influenced by the durability and vibrant hues of Piero della Francesca’s palette and her long-time muse, Puerto Rican impressionist Francisco Oller. With each of these 20 x 20 paintings, Alvarez dismantles the familiar to reveal a fusion of truth and fiction. Patterns on the floor, memories of her childhood, and photographs imbue Alvarez’s personal narrative within each image, creating pictorial abstractions that shape-shift and dream-catch both light and space.